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Holly was a stay at home, home-schooling mom of three boys. Alexander is a biological son born in 1994, and Max and Daniel were adopted from Russia in 2004, born in 1995 and 1996. Max has a sister born in 1994 who is still in an orphanage in Russia. We tried desperately to adopt her since 2002, but that is no longer possible. In 2007, we adopted 2 year old Rosie from China. Our blogs are meant to share our hopes, dreams, our family, our love and to record our journey toward perfecting our family. We hope the Lord will bless you as he has us.

Friday, September 01, 2006


This orphanage is located in a remote town at the Far-Far-Far East of Russia. In fact it is so far that their needs are often overlooked or even ignored by the State agencies. And even the hand of the mighty West is not long enough to reach there yet. Please, help us change that!!! Let's give these children some hope and prove that we care! Pokrovka Orphanage is a shelter for Orphans, Homeless Children and children left without parental care that exists from 1964. At the present time it houses and educates 140 orphans. Children here go to school from 1st to 11th grade. Some of the graduates of this orphanage go on to study in prestigious colleges including DVGU and VGUES. On the premises of the school, there are located the 2 level school building and the 3 level sleeping quarters building. These buildings are connected by the heated passage way, where 10 utility rooms are located. There is also a gymnasium, an auditorium for 150 people, a boiler room, a water tower, garage, laundry room, shower room, linen closets, stores. The territory of the school encompasses 5 hectares. In the sleeping quarters, there are 24 bedrooms, library with a reading hall, first-aid station, 2 classrooms, room for psychological relaxation, physiotherapy room. In the school there are 12 classrooms. There have been no major (only cosmetic) repairs inside or outside of the building in the last 40 years. Info taken from

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